I love color. I love mini things. I love toast. Well I love breakfast food in general.

I love those moments, when you see another cute girl with buns in her hair and you also have buns in your hair because we both get to say, “You look sooo cute!” 

I think the word cute and/or cutie best describes most of the things I like, Which is why cute is my favorite word.

I once read an article that said “cool is the new hot” and I have really been banking on it. Unfortunately, this hope still hasn’t lead to a real cute boyfriend. But, fingers crossed.

When I am sad or confused, creating something interesting makes me feel better. In a way making things helps me to solve problems, my mind awakens and I feel so much surety.  This is probably one of the reasons I love advertising. I solve my problems by diving in and making things, it's in this process of creating that the answers become clear to me. Working with people I love, solving problems in ways that I can make things and making something beautiful is what I want my life to be made up, its what I can not only give to advertising but what advertising gives me.